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Support with apprenticeship costs


Non-levy paying employers will share the cost of training and assessing their apprentices with government - this is called ‘co-investment’.

From May 2017, you will pay 10% towards to the cost of apprenticeship training and government will pay the rest (90%), up to the funding band maximum.

Manage your apprenticeship training and assessment


If you do not pay the levy, you won’t be able to use the apprenticeship service to pay for apprenticeship training and assessment until at least 2018.

Instead, you’ll need to agree a payment schedule with the provider and pay them directly for the training. The provider must prove that you have paid your contributions as a condition of government paying its contribution.


There are 2 different types of apprenticeships to choose from:

  • apprenticeship standards - each standard covers a specific occupation and sets out the core skills, knowledge and behaviours an apprentice will need; they are developed by employer groups known as trailblazers

  • apprenticeship frameworks - a series of work-related vocational and professional qualifications, with workplace- and classroom-based training

To choose training:


If you’re a public sector body, you will need to follow Public Contracts Regulation 2015 when selecting a training provider.

If you're still unsure about the Apprenticeship Levy please call us on 0207 740 6328 or send us an email at

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