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At Aytun College we offer and deliver a wide variety of industry specific subjects, for public and privately funded learners; 

tailored towards people who want to attain employment, improve their position or pay in an organisation, or pursue further/higher education e.g. University.


We also specialise in training and qualifying new and longstanding employees and workforces of large organisations, SME's and Franchises.

AVLC's Qualifications offers multiple qualifications across a whole host of subject areas. Many of AVCL’s qualifications are regulated qualifications and thus recognised by regulatory bodies such as Ofqual, Qualifications Wales and SQA Accreditation.


Another exciting development for the College over the past few years has been the inclusion of Apprenticeships and Traineeships in our curriculum offer. An Apprenticeship can offer you the opportunity to get into work, earn a wage and learn your skills on the job. Please click here for detailed information on our wide range of Apprenticeships.


Traineeships provide the essential work preparation training, Maths and English and work experience needed to apply for an Apprenticeship or another job training opportunity. Employers provide the valuable work experience placement and interview as part of the programme. Please click here for further details.

Give us a call:

0207 740 6328

Vocational Courses NVQ/QCF/BTEC 

The College has specialised in Vocational Courses for several years, which can lead you directly to University, Higher Education courses, Apprenticeships or Employment. Our Vocational Courses are offered at a wide range of levels to suit everyone. Studying on one of our Vocational Courses involves continuous assessment, mainly through coursework, practical work related assignments, work experience, some externally assessed examinations and in some cases online tests. 

From 2017 the College will be offering the new vocational qualifications which incorporate two different pathways; Applied General qualifications and Tech Level qualifications.

Applied General qualifications will focus on a broader study of a technical area, not directly linked to an occupation. This qualification will equip learners with transferable knowledge and skills.

Tech Level qualifications will allow learners wishing to specialise in a specific industry or occupation to develop specialist knowledge and skills.

We will update our website with additional information about these changes throughout the academic year.

Please see below for a list of qualifications we currently offer

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